Well can’t say I do anything too creative. I don’t make music, or knit, paint, or draw, but I do enjoy scrapbooking, and cooking :). So I think I’ll go with the cooking route since I have a lot of pics from different foods I’ve made.

I love to cook. For me, it is extremely relaxing, and fun. It’s like creating my own masterpiece, and the only way to get good is to keep doing it, and by making mistakes and learning. I love to travel, try new foods, and then attempt to make them from scratch at home. Usually the first couple of times I make something, it’s ‘aight’, but then I change a few things and each time it gets better and better until I perfect it.

One of my favorite ‘masterpieces’ I make is my Oreo, snicker, peanut butter pie. When I went to Miami a few years back, my boyfriend and I ate at a restaurant called “Prime 112”, and that is where I ran into the best treat of my life. This pie is huge, super rich, and extremely filling. I was so full from dinner that night, and then woke up about around 4:30 am hungover and starving. The leftover pie was sitting next to the bed, and needless to say, scarfed it down in about 30 seconds. Other people must have loved the pie and tried to mimick the dessert as well, because I was able to find the recipe online! My boyfriend’s friends always come by and ask “when are you gonna make that pie again?”

100_0147 IMG_0305

This also leads me to the point of how great the Internet is for cooking. Back in the day, before technology, the only way to get a recipe would be having it told to you, and written down on actual paper from someone. My grandma has a whole book of recipes printed out. Now, I can go online, find dishes that look good, get reviews from real people who have made it & ran into problems, or switched things up to make it better. The entire community can upgrade a recipe and make changes to the dish until the best version possible comes surfaces! Anytime I want to make something I just look online for the recipe. Now days, there is no excuse to not know HOW to make something. Even the simplest things like a good cream cheese, alfredo sauce are online, and you can make a quick, bomb, easy dinner. The Alfredo recipe I found online is absolutely fantastic!

*you can also substitute milk for cream*

. The latest thing I found through media, was a mac and cheese recipe that was shown on the show “the Chew.”


The actor Jussie Smollet had a recipe for a swiss mac and cheese that looked killer. My boyfriend and I were drooling watching it. Anyway, got all the ingredients, made it , and it was junk. Not enough bacon, the swiss cheese was not cheesy enough, too bland, and the fresh rosemary was too overwhelming in the dish. So I switched it up to medium cheddar, and monterey jack. No rosemary. Doubled the bacon, and made my own home made parmesan bread crumbs to top it off. It is awesome, and usually what I make when we bbq at our friends. Sorry no pic of the one I make.

But here is a bomb picture of a bacon mac and cheese I found 🙂 macncheesepic-thumb-550x500

Well if you aren’t hungry, you probably are now lol.

Here’s a some enchilada stacks I make. Once the cheese melts, they are ready to go!


A low-carb pancake, made with almond meal, and eggs IMG_0253


3 thoughts on “Artistry

  1. I was not hungry before reading about that pie lol. This was a great post and shows that you can be very creative even though you are eating your finished product. Artists come in all different forms and skills, and this is a good example of that. It also relates to media and this class very well, as the Internet is a great place to test and publicize the results to an audience that is actually interested. Great posts this semester!

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  2. I feel bad for folks who don’t cook, who don’t even try. It’s satisfying, artistic — and saves you dough, in most cases, over eating out all the time. You have some great food experiments here. I like the mac ‘n cheese with bacon. But hey. I like mac ‘n cheese with anything. As long as it has sriracha in there somewhere. The Oreo-Snickers thing sounds decadent.
    So here’s the problem with becoming a competent or even damn decent cook — going out just isn’t that much fun anymore. I order something I like and realize I make it better. And then I have to pay $30 for it. And don’t get me started on ordering wine with dinner.
    Thanks for your mouth-watering post.

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  3. Cooking is one of the best arts you can have in my opinion. Although it does take practice and sometimes you have to eat some stuff that is not so good, it seems like in the end theres always a learning experience. I agree that the internet is making cooking so easy and fun. My favorite thing to do is go on pinterest and research recipes. I have made some really good dishes from there, along with a few not so good. Thats the only problem you never know, and you often have to adjust recipes for your own style. Great art!

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