The Reality of news in the 21st Century : The Final Countdown!!!

The video I chose to focus on for the final was Steve Colbert roasting President Bush. Haha. I think two thirds of the jokes went right over his head lol. I chose this video, because not only is it funny watching the President squirm in his chair, but I really like what Steve Colbert (and his writers) do; Steve is racy, dramatic, and opinionated. Overall, he really does a good job of presenting information to an uninformed young generation. Hey! They gotta get their news somehow.

News satire seems to be the “real” news of the 21st Century.


It’s no longer boring new reports accompanied by monotonous tones. News Satire draws the attention of millions by utilizing a sarcastic sense of humor, which showcases the many flaws in media and mainstream news. News Satire challenges society to critically think about what’s being presented them, and why.

Yes, Colbert may say things that are politically incorrect, and extremely inappropriate at times, but it is a savvy way of presenting news. The humorous witty jokes, and dry nature of the presentation helps the viewer reflect on the “realness” of a scenario. In lesson 11, we addressed Parody News. Parodies have been around for centuries. People enjoy news, humor, and entertainment. News Parody incorporates all 3, while challenging mainstreams authority and biases.

Here an article on how news satire does a better job informing viewers than actual news does.

The 4th estate, the news, is a check and balance on the government. The fifth estate is the non-mainstream journalists, who report to the people on the flaws of what’s being reported to them. Basically, news satire is the 5th estate, which watches over the news. It works to keep society on its toes, by presenting real problems in a humorous, sarcastic way.


The Colbert show really plays into the young generations way of thinking. It has a lot of sarcasm, a lot of blunt comments, and a lot of roasting. In the Common Era, it seems that people enjoy being entertained by an opinionated, straightforward, no holds bar type of person that gets right to the point. Many reality shows bring in bank by casting these type of stars who challenge authority: Simon Cowell, Hell’s Kitchen host, Abby Lee from Dance Moms etc. The bad guy sells, and the person willing to say whatever they feel wins. Not only does Colbert challenge the media and the government, but he also challenges people to pay attention to what’s going on in the world. People love to see someone challenging authority. They love to see the awkwardness of someone getting called out for their wrongs. Society thrives on these TV shows where rebels report, and fight the mainstream.


In lesson 13, we focused on the rise of Reality TV. Is reality TV real? Well we’ve learned throughout the semester that money makes the world go round. There is always an incentive of some sort. Reality TV is what’s “trending”. News Satire (a form of reality TV) works to appeal to a young generation, the future voters, and challenges it’s viewers to critically examine what’s being presented to them. A lot of people in this day in age have a hard time watching the news. News satire is a great way to keep and audience entertained while bringing them up to date on current issues.

Yes, the Colbert Report is scripted, but the issues that are being presented are real, and that in itself, is a form of entertaining news. Not to mention that The Colbert show does pull in the ratings which makes money, and keeps the show on air. Of course the Colbert writers are bias and present their stance just like every news station does. There is always someone paying the bills; therefore, there is always an agenda. Really the 5th estate is reporting just like the 4th estate. Maybe in a few years there will be a 7th estate, who knows?

This is an article a study is conducted on college students which analyzes their thoughts on Colbert’s news presentation. It also reviews the student’s political stance. The study also suggests that the audience believes Colbert is liberal if they are liberal, and right wing if they are conservative. It also suggests that Colbert’s heavy social media, humor, and mainstream influence  has an effect on this young generations political stance.

In lesson 2, we discussed Generation Like and the obsession with being connected and sharing. It’s the infatuation with being accepted and the positive and negative effects of a social media driven society. There are a ton of positive effects of social media: networking, sharing, friendship, happiness etc. The negatives: addiction, low self-esteem, drama, and loss of sleep etc. Social media has numerous effects on different people for many different reasons. Many people in the digital age look for gratification online to define them. News Satire is everything the opposite of trying to fit in. It presents a positive attitude toward challenging mainstream ideals and social constructions. News Satire sends a message about standing up for what’s right, and what you feel is right. In this digital generation where everyone is obsessed with looking good, and being liked, it is a breath of fresh air to see news parodies that challenge society. It’s nice to see the minority’s point of view. News Satire has an attitude to it, that encourages people to have a voice; liked or not.

21st Century News. Focused on soft footballs, and no air time for  Nepal earthquake coverage.


3 thoughts on “The Reality of news in the 21st Century : The Final Countdown!!!

  1. Nice post! Something you said totally relates to what I posted about on my blog about South Park and cartoons. You say, “News Satire challenges society to critically think about what’s being presented them, and why.” This is absolutely the most important aspect of regular news and parody news, critical thinking is vital to being a successful person in modern society and we should continue to support these institutions.

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  2. Good point about Colbert providing news for an “uninformed generation”. I agree that he and his writers do an excellent job. I hadn’t really thought about how much the bad guy sells in terms of reality tv. Society definitely does love to see these types of characters on shows. As a big sports fan, I find that Jon Stewart clip hilarious. Great points throughout!

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  3. I am glad that you did your post on parody news because I really cannot get enough in discussing this topic. I think it was awesome that you even compared the Colbert show with Reality TV because I never really saw it like that until you explained it. I now also see how parody news can be considered reality tv even if it is scripted. I am pretty sure that some reality tv’s are scripted as well an the illusion of reality is what brings in viewers. Parody news is perfect for that because it brings in the reality along with comedy that in the end provides the recipe for a feel-good show. Great post!

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